"Genetics and human improvement"

February 20, 2018

Lecture by Miquel Àngel Serra, Ph.D. in Biology and research manager at the Neuropharmacology Laboratory, Pompeu Fabra University.


"There are two nuclei that man should never have touched: the atomic nucleus and the cell nucleus. The technology of genetic engineering poses a greater threat to the world than the advent of nuclear technology." (Erwin Chargaff, 2002) But could we use new genome editing technologies, such as CRISPR, to cure disease? And does this involve acquiring new capacities that improve individual lives or does it entail eugenic selection of the ‘less fit'? We are facing difficult ethical challenges and, as a society, we have the duty to understand and discuss them in order to take the right decisions as these will affect future generations.


20 February, 19:30 Centre Cívic Urgell
C/ Urgell, 145
08036 Barcelona