Webinar: Transparency and communication

3 December, 16:30 to 18:30

For several years, we have been organizing an annual seminar with the Spanish Society for Public Health and Health Administration (SESPAS) to discuss key issues in public health. Unfortunately, this year we are unable to meet in person, and we have therefore chosen a virtual format with three sessions, on 30 November, and 2 and 3 December, which participants can attend via Zoom.


Webinar 3 December. Transparency and communication

What are we talking about when we talk about transparency? Do we need to publish or share all the information or only the most important? We need to strike a balance between providing the information people are interested in, without either hiding things or overwhelming people.


This webinar addresses these issues. Agreeing on transparency requirements from the perspectives of public health and communication ethics. Identifying proposals for public authorities, public health professionals, and social communication channels.


With the participation of:

  • Beatriz Gallardo, Regional Secretary for Forecasting and Communication of the Government of Valencia
  • Gema Revuelta, doctor and Director of the Science, Communication and Society Studies Centre, Pompeu Fabra University
  • Andreu Segura, doctor and coordinator of the Ethics Working Group of SESPAS (as coordinator)


The format is a seminar with a panel discussion with two speakers. This will be followed by a debate with a number of invited experts. The audience will be able to participate via chat.


Webinar organized in coordination with the Spanish Society for Public Health and Health Administration (SESPAS).