null Care in the pandemic society

60. Cuidarse en la sociedad entre pandemias (Care in the pandemic society)

This publication includes ethical and public health reflections on the preventive recommendations that limited physical contact between people during the pandemic.


How have public health policies affected the idea of care? Care can be understood as the quality of interdependence between people, which is essential to the viability of human groups, whether these are prehistoric bands and clans or the most complex modern societies. This means that individuals assume certain risks, threats and uncertainties, including those associated with epidemics.


These risks and threats are worth preventing, avoiding or at least mitigating, so long as the undesirable effects of the preventive measures are acceptable. And this is why it is important to reflect on the potential negative consequences of isolation and quarantine, to question the assumed moral superiority of the value of health, and to explore the dilemmas that arise when making health interventions in situations such as homes for old people or others in a situation of dependency.