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null Consentimiento informado y toma de decisiones compartidas: construcciones jurídicas y experiencias médicas para salvaguardar la autonomía de los pacientes [Informed consent and shared decision-making: legal constructions and medical experiences to safeguard patient autonomy]
M. Esperança Ginebra, Elena Louroba and Joan Escarrabill of the University of Barcelona

The first part of this research work reviews the literature, contrasting legal and healthcare concepts in relation to informed consent and shared decision-making in order to elucidate common parameters, intersections, and differing perspectives. The authors propose the validation of legal categories based on the experience obtained both on the part of patients and healthcare workers.


The resulting knowledge is then used to formulate proposals for improvement of current legislation and informed consent documents used in healthcare practice in order to adjust them to the current legal and healthcare setting. The final part of the study involves a training session to transfer final results.