Handbook: Caring for patients at the end of their lives

Foundation collaborates with Bioethics Committee of Catalonia to produce publication

The Foundation has collaborated with the Bioethics Committee of Catalonia to publish the manual Recomendaciones a los profesionales sanitarios para la atención a los enfermos al final de la vida. [Advice to health professionals caring for patients at the end of their lives] The document is designed to help professionals caring for patients who are near the end of their lives, whatever the discipline or specialism.

The handbook has not been designed as a theoretical treatise or a technical protocol, but rather is intended to be a useful document which will help understand the values which should underpin care for those who are dying. The issues it considers include basical clinical decisions, providing assistance in different care settings, and clarifying some of the confusions regarding ethical and legal issues.

The book has been published in Spanish and Catalan, and can be downloaded in PDF format.

Publications request:
Comitè de Bioètica de Catalunya