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The end of life: who decides for me?

12 May

Final lecture in the cycle organized with Barcelona Friends of UNESCO to discuss bioethical issues. Núria Terribas, director of the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation, will talk about the end of life, from a bioethical perspective.


We often struggle to accept that we are finite beings and that, sooner or later, our lives will end. This is the essence of what it means to be alive. Our society lives in a state of denial about our mortality and even more so when it comes to death itself, a subject we prefer not to think about. Unfortunately, situations involving both loved ones and strangers, such as the Covid pandemic, remind us that one day our time will come. Have we thought about this?


The aim of this lecture is to focus our attention on what we do and do not want in the end of life process. It is better if we are prepared for this final process, with clear criteria regarding the decisions to be taken, among other reasons in order not to offload responsibilities onto our nearest and dearest. These are the topics we look forward to discussing.





12 May

6:30 pm

Online activity.


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