6323695936112 Racism, Colonial Medicine and Global Health 29/03/2023 Lecture in the series organized in collaboration with the Amics de la Unesco de Barcelona, to speak with paediatrician and ISGlobal (...)

Bioètica a les aules

11 de novembre de 9 a 14h.

4885292697001 Víctor Grífols i Lucas 27/10/2015 This video describes the professional career of Víctor Grífols i Lucas (1919–2015). A scientist and a businessman, he established the Foundation in 1998. (...)

This publication reflects upon the limitations to individual rights and the restrictions experienced during the epidemiological response to the pandemic. The discussion it offers ranges from an analysis (...)

Artificial Intelligence is already having an impact in society in general and in the health sphere in particular. However, while it brings undeniable technological benefits, it is also important to consider (...)

El dret a l'avortament ha estat i continua sent una de les reivindicacions centrals del moviment feminista en la seva lluita per la igualtat i no subordinació de les dones. El dret a la interrupció voluntària (...)